Alice Powell

Finder’s Fayre is pleased and excited to announce a new project:

Contemporary Local Artist Show Series


We will invite local artists to exhibit their work in our gallery on four different

“First Thursday At The Mildred”

events throughout the year: September, December, February, and April.

The artists will be on hand those evenings to meet visitors and talk about their art. Their works will be on display and available for purchase from that 1st Thursday until the end of that month.

Finder’s Fayre will promote these talented artists, and provide the venue at no charge to them, further; all proceeds from their sales will go entirely to the artist.


We have been in this same location, providing art and antiques to our friends and clients for over 47 years. Until now, our art has dated from the 18th century to about 1925, and has been pretty much what you would call “traditional”.

About two years ago, I began a journey, with some good direction from Lynn Castle, the director of the Art Museum of Southeast Texas. My goal was to learn, if possible, what attracts people to modern, contemporary art. It’s been quite an expedition for me, and one I don’t think will ever end! I have visited galleries and museums, seen private collections, talked with artists and collectors, and researched the international art market, both from a “hedge fund” investment outlook to a curatorial viewpoint, and everything in between. I haven’t changed in what I’ve always liked, but I certainly have added to it!

What’s really changed is my personal definition of what ART is, and I’ve learned that both talent and the ability to create art are necessary for genuine art. I think it’s possible to be talented, and not be a true artist. Art seems to come from somewhere within, and express itself in a way that connects with the viewer…maybe not every viewer, but to enough who can say “that’s exactly what I see, but could never express”.

It’s our desire to encourage these local artists. They have been given a gift that we want to help them share.

Now online our C.L.A.S.S. archive page. Click HERE to keep up with your favorite C.L.A.S.S. artists!






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We have quality antique furniture, clocks, accessories, silver, and oriental carpets from around the world. Our showrooms have more than 4,000 square feet of treasures to explore, and everything is ready to take home and enjoy.

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We take pleasure in art, and have a wide variety of oil paintings, some watercolors & drawings, and several hand painted engravings in stock. The pieces date from the 19th century to now, and we have recognized, avant-garde, and decorative artists on display for your viewing and enjoyment.

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.”               - Twyla Tharp



Professional appraisals for insurance, estates, pre-move/relocations, damage or loss and equitable distributions for inheritance or divorce.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Fine Art--19th Century Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture
  • Antique Furniture & Decorative Arts
  • Personal Property--Household Items
  • Rugs, Carpets, & Tapestries
  • Silver

We work with individuals, financial advisors, bank and trust departments, attorneys, and insurance companies who need the professional assistance of an accredited, unbiased and ethical appraiser.

Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice qualified.


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We create houses and interiors that have an easy elegance, giving the appearance of having always been there. Our philosophy is that your house, its architecture and interior, can be a work of art. The design concepts are classic, timeless, and oblivious to trends. Design themes are based on the lifestyle of the client, stressing comfort and function, resulting in uniquely individual interiors and building design concepts.

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For 47 years located in the historic
Mildred Building

A fascinating tribute to the taste and foresight of the pioneer Texas oil man ~ Frank Yount.
Built during the depression, and named for his daughter.

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